Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Sanctis provides impartial advice and training to clients that wish to build their own in-house screening team, assess their exposure to recruitment risks, or ensure compliance with UK legislation.


There is a wealth of legislation facing employers today, and ensuring compliance can be a time-consuming, if daunting, task. Our advisory services will ensure that you understand what is relevant to your business. We will help you devise appropriate statements, policies and working practices to ensure that your business is compliant. If your business involves working with children or vulnerable adults we can make sure you have systems in place to meet the requirements of legislation.

Risk management

Risk management is a fundamental aspect of good corporate governance, and often small changes to the recruitment and screening processes have a great impact towards minimizing risks. Our team will therefore examine your processes, legal compliance, data protection, escalation and resolution procedures to provide objective recommendations that help you mitigate the risks of recruitment.


Companies that wish to build their in-house screening team, or wish to train their HR staff on referencing best practices to minimize the risks of recruitment will receive training through a series of workshops. We have a formidable team of industry seasoned trainers available for you plus our go to L&D experts Stellar Consultancy Services. Let us help you to grow, to prosper, to be the best.