BS7858:2012 Background Screening Services

BS7858:2012 Background Screening Services

We specialise in Background Screening for the Security Industry. We specialise in Background Screening for the Security Industry. We understand the rigors of compliance and audit. By outsourcing your background screening to us, you can ensure complete, consistent, compliant screening files for your candidates

Consumer Information Search

We have partnered with Equifax in order to provide you with a reliable and thorough Consumer Information Check for your Candidate.  We will search public data in order to disclose any adverse financial information.  The search will disclose County Court Judgments, Bankruptcy or other Insolvency information, linked address detail, edited voters roll information and any alias information.  if adverse information is disclosed we will provide you with guidance to ensure that the relevant provisions of BS7858:2012 are met.

5 Year Career History Verification

We will verify by direct reference to current or former employers, government departments, educational authorities etc, with confirmation in writing, the career history for your candidate for the five year period immediately prior to the screening period.  We will verify periods of unemployment, time spent abroad and periods of self-employment.  We will provide you with a detailed report together with copies of all references obtained.

Criminal Records Check

It is becoming more and more common for employers to want to ensure that a candidate does not have a criminal record which would render them unsuitable for a role. Seeking details of a candidate’s criminal history must be done having regard to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (ROA). This Act is designed to facilitate the rehabilitation of ex-offenders by not allowing certain convictions affect the rest of their lives.

Under the ROA, anyone given a prison sentence of no more than two and a half years is eligible for a rehabilitation period, the length of which depends on the sentence and may last up to 10 years. Once the rehabilitation period has ended, the conviction becomes spent and an employer cannot ask a candidate to disclose it. Prior to this time a candidate is obliged to disclose their conviction if asked to do so.

There are three type of Disclosure, Basic, Standard or Enhanced. A Basic Disclosure will disclose unspent convictions. A Standard Disclosure will disclose both spent and unspent convictions and an Enhanced Disclosure will disclose spent and unspent convictions together with information relevant to working with children and vulnerable adults. Strict eligibility criteria must be met in order to obtain a Standard or Enhanced Disclosure in order to comply with the ROA.

Your candidate may hold a current and valid SIA licence, therefore you do not require us to carry out a check for you, or you may be a member of your local ACPO scheme and therefore you source your information directly from your local force.  Whatever your circumstances we provide an advisory service to ensure that you apply for the correct type of disclosure for your candidate.

Character Reference

We will obtain a suitable character reference for your candidate.  Sourcing using the correct criteria and ensuring that the relevant questions are asked.  A character referee must have known your candidate for a minimum of two years immediately prior to the start of security screening.  A previous work colleague or employer is not suitable nor is any family member (whether related by blood or marriage).  The reference should also not be obtained from an individual residing at the same address as your candidate.   We will give guidance and assistance at all stages to make sure the appropriate references are obtained.

Our administration fee for Screening to BS7858:2012 is £100.00 plus VAT.  If you also require a Criminal Records Check then our fee is £145.00 plus VAT to include a Basic Disclosure or £165.00 plus VAT if you require an Enhanced Disclosure. This includes the appropriate disclosure fee charged by the Disclosure and Barring Service.  For more information on our fees and services please call us on 01522 246060 or email