About Us

Sanctis is an organisation headquartered in Lincoln with operations covering the United Kingdom that specialises in pre-employment screening services. Our comprehensive and flexible services help our clients verify a candidate’s background in order to foster a safe and honest work environment


The team behind Sanctis was set up as a result of strong demand from companies to minimise the risk of recruitment. We have specialised in the referencing industry for over a decade and pride ourselves on our professional, experienced and knowledgeable approach that facilitates time and resource savings for our clients.


Our goal is to help companies make informed decisions to protect their business and become the industry standard in terms of service delivery, compliance, quality and client support. In doing so, we help our clients achieve the following:

  • Protect their business, reputation, employees, and clients.
  • Reduce staff turnover and associated costs.
  • Eliminate an administrative burden, thus saving HR time and resources.
  • Comply with changing UK Employment Regulations.


Our clients acknowledge that their strength is in the quality of their people. They take care to protect their reputation by following strategies that result in first class employees. We take our role in this process seriously and work in partnership to deliver this end result.

Whether you choose our standard or custom screening services, you will receive the best care the industry has to offer. Our experienced team is always on hand to talk you through any application, or to answer any questions that you or your candidate may have. Our online systems have been designed for ease of use and transparency.

Handling personal data and advising on candidate suitability should only be undertaken in a responsible and compliant manner. This is the standard we set. Our staff have the knowledge and experience to help you make informed recruitment decisions in compliance with all UK legal and administrative requirements. All our pre-employment screening services are done with the consent of the candidate.

To provide accurate and valuable information we constantly monitor our data sources and seek to improve them. All information is double-checked and cross-referenced across different sources by trained and experienced research professionals. Results of the checks are compiled into user-friendly reports. We strive for operational excellence by fostering an open communication culture coupled with the continuous improvement of our processes.